Hand of god App

When it comes to business forecasts and real time business intelligence the mathematics involved can be very challenging and when it comes to sport this can sometimes be impossible especially when you consider how many game day variables can impact a game result. But cheer up now there is an app for that! “Hand of… Continue reading Hand of god App

Could Facebook Driven Affiliates Do An Amazon On Amazon Itself?

Amazon’s Supreme Court Request for Equal Weights & Measures: The obvious downside of equal weights and measures in online retail is both profound and important. A dynamic tax system can serve as a powerful tool for leveling up the playing field… for what a smaller online retailers may lack in buying power and market reach… Continue reading Could Facebook Driven Affiliates Do An Amazon On Amazon Itself?

New Taxi Payment Competitor

Price Comparison Startup HAGOOLE™ Introducing Competition to the Taxi Industry. The first taxi payment solution that empowers the Taxi Driver to negotiate on the 10% EFTPOS service charge plus it lets consumers run a virtual taxi meter to make sure they are not being ripped off.

Finance Industry Transformation

Tech startups promise to transform finance, if regulators will let them. It takes less than a day to register a company in Britain, it takes months or years and can cost millions to get authorised as a bank. The number of new banks started over the past decade can almost be counted on one hand.

What Makes People Buy? 20 Reasons Why

The forces that influence whether people buy include: basic need, convenience, replacement, scarcity, prestige or apparitional purchase, emotional vacuum, lower prices, great value, brand and name recognition, fad or innovation, compulsory purchase, ego stroking, niche identity, peer pressure, the “girl scout cookie effect”, reciprocity or guilt, empathy, addiction, fear, and indulgence… Read more

Why Democracies Are Temporary


“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of a government. It can only exist until the voters discover that the majority can vote themselves gifts from the public treasury.” ~Alexander Fraser Tytler